Why Because

Why Because Why Because development comprises harmony of a condition of the mechanism which arises; perfect harmony which was created by the adolescent, having overcome the next boundary; harmony which started to collapse, but the germ of more perfect mechanism already comprises.

It is a spiral of development which is untwisted according to the nature law.

Means, the originality of activity of the pupil at the age of the revolutionary consists in providing free development of soul, to avoid pressure of cruel social idols subjects of influences which demand unconditional and blind worship; exhaustion and overfatigue by academic loads; disputed ways of communication as it is convenient to adults that leads to taming of thinking of feelings and imagination to level of dullness of common sense.

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Such social

Such social The Chinese children are always ready to show the way to you, to conduct tour on the school, to sing the son to read the poem even for absolutely stranger.

Such social activity is partially caused by installation which teachers and parents impart to children since small years and which consists in the following everything that they know and are able is not a measure of their value, and is means, with the help © they can make other people happier, and also glorify the nation.

And now compare this principle to installation of rather public representations which got accustomed in our culture, and then you will understand, why fear to address to public is the most widespread phobia in America.

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But it is convinced

But it is convincedHis mother one of those women that after long thoughts decided to nurse the child.

She loves it with all unknown earlier tenderness.

At first to it happens hard to put the child after feeding back in a bed, and especially because he so desperately shouts.

But it is convinced that it is necessary to do it, as her mother explained and she knows that if to give in to the child now, then he will grow spoiled and spoiled.

She wants to do everything correctly; the feeling comes to any instant to it that this small being on hands is more important and most expensive to it on light.

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Game is a work

Game is a work For the last it is leisure, entertainment; for the child this most serious business on light it is possible even to tell, the main occupation.

Therefore it is very important, that parents, showing interest to games of children, would try not to break them the untimely interventions.

The child so seriously perceives game that willingly identifies itself with everything that imagines.

Game is a work of children, and toys their workers tools.

The child is amused not so much most morerushka, how many dreaming with this toy.

In tyrekhletiy age slightly ground piece roar amuses much more difficult and expensive toy.

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Training Delightfully it is most easier to gasp.

But it is dangerous.

Training we see to what it leads is important at all.

It is important to prepare gradually small talent for independence, to develop ability to go against the stream.

On it the Personality is under construction.

Unfortunately, training at our schools is under construction on storing.

That is on mechanisms not talent development, and quantitative growth knowledge, abilities, skills.

And it everything becomes the maintenance of granaries of memory.

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