The parents, aspiring

The parents, aspiring In the world there is a lot of fine, in affairs human A.




, p.

Alain, the quote at Berge, in Education fam iliale, p.

Bozhiikh, that would be the real misfortune not to use it, as a springboard to come to Tom Who is the highest source of pleasure.

The parents, aspiring to give to children the present education, should make efforts for novleniye in a family joyful and serene fer the bad mood brings to and to fear before life.

It is not necessary to give to children too gloomy stavleniye about to itself.

Doing an emphasis on a distance, separating them from perfection, you thereby only complicate an obstacle.

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Quarrel between

Quarrel between It can only to lead to emergence of jealousy and mirimy hostility between the child and standard.

That forgave, passed do not remember on old oversights.

Return to them that you did not forget and always store in memory whichnibud humiliating case, ready to divulge it.

It is a certain way forever the child, having complicated it any effort, pravlenny on own correction.

Quarrel between brothers and sisters usually drives to vigorous intervention of parents.

As a rule, in some minutes one of children is given or because it is weaker, or therefore, that it is more reasonable than another.

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They climbed

They climbed How many women and children bathed together, everything steadily passed with the Roman grace.

In each movement sensual pleasure appeared, and mothers addressed with the children as with truly magic creations and hid the pride and content behind playful and modest expression of persons.

They climbed down a mountain the same sure and graceful gait, and to a stream on slippery stones the Miss World leaving on a podium towards could envy their last steps; to the deserved crown.

All women and girls which I knew, differed special quiet grace, but at the same time in each of them this selfconfidence and grace were shown very individually.

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But for this

But for this In such situation there is a recovered dialogue and even the soft discussion which contents is limited to possibilities of memory of the arguing; it also outlines a circle of the content of dialogue.

It is enough them to face a task the unknown and it always demands thinkin between them there is a tension, discomfort everyone needs to think, reflect, think.

But for this work at the adolescent esthete does not suffice .

It cannot and be compensated.

But where it to findWhat in everyone occursThey are protected from discomfort.

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Adults and teachers

Adults and teachersIn game the child does not feel harmony.

Why Because game a condition of harmony of his body and soul.

And when its internal harmony faces monotonous work, at once misses the ion quickly is tired.

Certainly, it it is possible to force to work.

Adults and teachers also are engaged in it.

However that from this it turns out, you already know.

Whether it means, what in work there is no harmony In any way not.

Any work is sated with harmony and thus becomes a power source if her plan, its interest are the highest sense of the person.

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