Time which they

Time which theyTime which they will see off together, having a good time, listening to each other, studying each other, being started up in joint adventures, ties hearts of parents and sons.

Balancing between severity of shown requirements and communication creation between parents and the child begins with the birth of the boy.

The father who plans to deal with family problems when the boy becomes a teenager and with it difficulties will begin, itself drives into a corner such father almost will have no influence on the son.

If to start to establish laws for the boy at this age, he can simply leave from the house.

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That new it is possible

That new it is possible If you think that problem of harmonious education of teenagers in modern conditions practically it is unsoluble, will be near from truth.

But! Surprising scientific conclusions and the practical results showing a unique approach to education youth, will force you to change the opinion.

That new it is possible to tell on the subject of education investigated by thousands outstanding teachers Authors consider the work with teenagers years as practical realization of a technique of integrated education – techniques, necessary for all mankind in present period global crises and changes.

Discussed receptions – a step to creation of society of the future based on interaction of all his members as whole.

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First exercise

First exercise The person puts any small subjects coins, paper clips, matches etc.

in one pocket and each time when he speaks good about itselfhimself, shifts in one subject in other pocket.

First exercise will move ahead not so successfully.

Then, each time when there will be any negative thought, it should speak to itselfStop! Was silly to count on that.

Stop!, That at me today for a hairdress.

Stop!, Again I spoiled everything! Eternally I.


Then it is necessary to learn to send the thoughts to more constructive course instead of indulging in depressive moods, to try to analyse a situation and to decide that it is necessary to make in a different way next time to avoid new failure.

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His life

His life Here Do not go!From congratulatory speech to graduates During ancient times the young man aged between eighteen and carried out twenty nine years a role of the main producer in the tribe, it knew when to stop the responsibility before a tribe, women, children and neighbors, accurately realized the place in the world.

His life was under construction on a regularity and stability of well familiar and invariable world.

At this age, having already passed initiation, he felt the full and highgrade man.

For the graduate of our days all absolutely in a different way.

It only begins the way becoming the man.

The got education gives the chance to it to comprehend ideas and representations, but it has not enough experience of the real life, emotional, spiritual and practical.

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M We already

M We already For children at this age it is extremely important pravilbut to look in the opinion of others both in clothes, and in behavior.

m We already said that only with the help izuthrough game and theater it is possible to show cheniye of psychology of the person, as far as people play these or those roles, copy stereoti the behavior, taken from environment and as it is silly, primitively also does not express identity of the person.


It is necessary to show itm It is necessary to form gradually at teenagers correct relation the person keeps the individualnost in that expresses itself naturally and simply, instead of in that looks, as all.

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