On their faces

On their faces But I knew that it is right.

We hardly squeezed back into the car, and I told Boys, we go further to Los Angeles, but you will stay with the aunt and the uncle while we with the father will take a walk on the Disneyland.

On their faces there was an amazement and mistrust.

I did not believe to myself that could tell such, but we and made.

Two days in the Disneyland for us with the husband, and two days at relatives for boys.

It was one of the heaviest experiences in my life.

But more at us never was any serious problems with sons.

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We should create

We should create Bettie's method to listen to a positive spirit is based that as light, the good soil, sufficient moisture and protection against insects are necessary for growth and plant flowerin and the attention creates such conditions at which the soul of the boy blossoms magnificent color and finds ability of a message it by the way of a muzhaniye.

We should create conditions in which natural talents of our boys can find to themselves mature expression.

The majority of us will agree that the good education, public work, free time and the thoughtover possibilities of development, for example team on swimmin group of boy scouts, youth religious group, work for the summer is necessary for boys.

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In the psychology

In the psychologyIn a word, concept, a symbol of the psychologist only the semantic party of the message interests, and number of information, its transformations remain outside of studying.

In the psychology foreground these elements of language are considered as set of instruments of activity of the person.

The activity directed on, on reproductive and creative processes.

The science psychology too uses words, concepts and symbols they its conceptual device.

Studying psychology, the person learns itself to overcome itself, to bring up to a maximum the abilities and talent possibilities to effective action, to level of the creator and to execute the natural mission of the creator.

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The interested

The interested Children often use gestures, a mimicry, intonations, that to let to us know that they feel.

And in the same way they learn about our feelings.

The interested conversation with the child on subjects available to it, smile and charm, mimicry and gesture, pooshchthe reniye all this increases his selfimage, develops is sure nost in itself.

JOINT ACTIVITY WITH THE CHILD By means of joint activity parents can help to children to feel comfortable.

Here some kinds of activity with which often love to be engaged children by means of adults to talk, listen and sing; to draw; to play; to collect and sort things, etc.

Together with the child it is possible to make, for example, a box for treasures.

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However be not under

However be not under Teenagers usually perceive parents as representatives of the last century, which concepts have no that occurs in the world, and hardly can tell though something efficient.

Sometimes they after all condescend to us they bring home all the problems, want to talk, sometimes even ask council and even talk to you as with quite responsible person.

However be not under a delusion the next day in connection with the next splash in hormones in an organism you again will put into place.

After all even timid teenagers do not take out, when their parents are a little forgotten.

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