In what follows

In what followsand.

In ordinary life of the girl face with diverse forms of behavior.

In what follows them to play To what they should aspire, on what chelovecheI will hold down requirement to respondm They should be able to come into contact with lyud and to communicate with them so that them correctly perceived also understood.

With any person – from the last prestupniand to the finished righteous person – it is necessary to behave dostoybut, combining selfesteem with the kind relation to another.

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He should

He should The teenager should learn to consult about all possible difficulties to be reconciled with the numerouscontradictions of own situation, selfcritically a sou and to estimate itself, to refuse indulgence, proyavlyaemy in relation to children.

He should develop in itselfhimself readiness to mature a step forat a slow pace and to become more and more selfassured, realizingand estimating the personal potential.

It should lay down longterm aims in personal andprofessional life and firmly to go to them.

In the actions he should learn the management own opinion and own responsible.

With need to solve these problems in bigger or mennecks of degree it is necessary to face to all teenagers, and horo if we, adults, can help them with it.

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Martie's all the free

Martie's all the free It appeared fair and for Martie which now eleven and which already has no original rush to operate, characteristic for Volumes Soyerov.

Martie's all the free time carries out at the TV, chewing salty nutlets.

But it not always was such.

Martie's parents work, and when he was eight years old, Martie met them from work, welcoming new model of the car, which needs to be constructed, or new game to play.

Unfortunately, usually parents were such tired that could not give Martie enough time, and more often in the evenings simply watched TV.

Mother Martie remembers, how once he made model of the airplane and showed to the th her father watching during that moment the film.

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, whose duty

, whose dutyParents have no right to leave similar taniye on will of a case children need, that them with love educated, directed, those helped.

, whose duty clearly and sincerely to answer all their questions.

It is impossible to evade from the duty on that scientific research institute that it difficult and delicate.

BOYo disclosurezhestvenny plan of love at all will not reduce respect, trust and love to the father and mother; more that, it will wake up feeling of greatness in souls of children and advantages of marriage will be strengthened also by tenderness and telnost in relation to those whom they, after God, are obliged by the existence and life.

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Offer rebenka

Offer rebenka For this purpose it will be necessary for you some boxes the average size the ideal size a shoe box, an adhesive tape for connection of boxes side by side, felttip pen or handle, to write the name of collected things, for example stones, cones or beautiful subjects.

Offer rebenka in this box to collect treasures, kotory he chose or found.

Ask, where it found them in to garden, behind a shed, on walk in park etc.

Collecting by means of own boxes for treasures will help the child to estimate an own collection; to have the property belonging only to it, instead of with vmestny with brothers and sisters; to understand that such a souvenir for memory; to find words, to tell about the find or someone subject.

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