If you consider, what

If you consider, what If you consider, what not to explain them the reasons of this or that or events, to you it will be easier than the order to appeal to their trust to you, to their love to to you.

However do not disguise truth or, on the extreme to measure, in general speak nothing you not to itself what confusion and what crisis can arise in these young souls ah that day, when they will find out that you abused them testvenny One of ways to gain trust of the child is always to perceive it seriously.

He does not understand irony and it contempt and a sneer will deeply wound, though it also does not show it.

Quite naturally that the child sees everything with forcedly limited point of view.

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And. But this

And. But thisand.

But this requirement to the head – to find in a shadow – as though contradicts needs of teenagers in this age.

m And how we learn the kid to go We give it svoto baud, and he does not want it and does not understand, why we release it.

Tasks and role of the tutorin groupAfter all we keep away, that he independently to us stepped.


Means, it is dynamic processm Such it is obliged to be.

During any moments I need to disappear as though from group, and teenagers should to feel emptiness and independently to decide, what to do a distance how to construct itself in this situation, when the head disappears.

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The feeling

The feeling All proofs of hostility of mother, any logic justifications, its rejection and protests against her actions cannot release the child from internal belief that mother after all loves it, is obliged to love, despite of everything.

Hatred to mother or to her image just also shows defeat in war with this belief.

The feeling of independence of the child and his emotional maturing originate in manysided experience manual period.

The child can become independent of mother, having only passed a stage of absolute dependence on it.

From it at this stage the correct behavior, granting to the child of experience manual period that is carrying on hands and ensuring transition to other stages is required.

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Dow So, we begin from a point.

The first line two sections to the right.

Now on one section up.

Two cages to the right.

One down.

Two to the right.

Further till the end of a leaf lay a route independently, following the set scheme.

Following three routes not so training and presents.

For them you on; you learn an assessment.

I mania! We begin from a point.

One cage to the right.


One to the right.

Two up.

One ' One down.

' to the right.

One up.

One to the right.

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Formal logic. Otherwise

Formal logic. Otherwise In study demands one logic action, logic thinking.

That the logic dominated over everything.

Formal logic.

Otherwise it is impossible.

It is demanded by essence, outlook, pedagogical installations of the teacher.

Its main objective to teach the maintenance of subjects.

And the task of children to remember, remember, remember later unmistakably to reproduce the learned.

In a class work all.

Without lifting the head, are deepened in task performance.

The silence is the purpose of the teacher.

The laughter is certainly forbidden.

Not order.

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