What means

What means Let's say who that offends me, belittling my role in any good business.

What means to put it into place On to it, what it is less than me No, to make differently while that I am more! It will advance me to big dostito zheniye.

It is motive force without which there is no person.

That is in the person above animal requirements, except envy, stra to pleasures and honorand.

And what to do, if in group of teenagers vsyache ability to humiliate and deride is supported and approved the opponent in reply to an insult Such actions are considered accepted, the group expects them from the person.

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And as Jannie

And as Jannie Certainly, there is a danger that Bettie will answer negatively No, I am not on friendly terms with you!, but it is improbable too such act would be aggressive and hostile.

Moreover, the direct address to Bettie grants it the right to make the individual decision on friendship with Debbie without preliminary consultation of Jannie.

And as Jannie already rejected Debbie's attempt to enter game, Debbie would not be desirable at all that that participated in decisionmaking process.

Eventually Debbie accepts the model of behavior offered it and convinces of it others, describing how she cooks coffee.

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Similar When victims of accidents suddenly see inevitability of the death for which the continuum could not prepare them beforehand, they desperately appeal to the mother or to the one who takes a place of mother in their feelings.

This call often reaches mother or the person personifying mother, through any distances.

Similar cases occur rather often, and the majority of us heard about them or met them on the experience.

The presentiment arises differently the unknown event menacing with awful consequences, can break through in consciousness of absolutely quiet person, in a dream or in reality.

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According Since the quantity of incomplete families in the world increases by one million annually.

And in % of the child bring up mothers.

According to the sociological estimates, about % of children born today in our country, at least spend one year of the life only with one of parents.

The majority of incomplete families result from divorce, and in the last some decades there was a tendency which is that children in the dissolved families remain with mothers.

Recently National association of directors of elementary schools carried out research of pupils of the elementary school which is bringing up in incomplete families.

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To knowledge, skills

To knowledge, skills View of new principles of teaching and educational technology.

And also understanding of activity of the pupil as selfimprovement of the talent.

So, according to this concept of formation of knowledge, skills lose last worthiness and cease to be the leading purpose of educational system.

But they are not rejected.

To knowledge, skills their initial sense comes back.

To understand, whether they are in the valid human life tools thanks to which the plan of the person is realized; products of teaching and educational actions memories; participation in a narrow circle of actions which are carried out without consciousness participation, automatically and provides with them only stimulojet communications with subjects of actions with performin instead of creative work of the person.

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