To a thicket

To a thicketIncrease of a standard of living usually does not involve growth of wellbeing or quality of life.

However, it does not belong to the poorest sectors of society where hunger and cold still are present as the factors conducting to loss of wellbeing.

To a thicket of the reason of misfortune are less obvious.

Perhaps, the most frequent reason of loss of wellbeing and emergence of unpleasant feelings is emergence of doubts in the ability to cope with vital problems.

Deeply taken roots feeling of a shortcoming something important, doing reality correct, undermines an internal basis of the person, and that falls a victim of concern concerning falsities of an everyday life easier.

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The following

The followingThe following questions will help you to understand, whether you do everything correctly to prevent in your child emergence or shyness development Whether you do everythin in order that the child felt surely, independently, but at the same time felt the responsibility Whether you feed unrealistic expectations concerning the child Whether you force the child to put on perfectly from his contemporaries Whether you encourage shyness, believin what the best child the quiet and imperceptible child Whether encourages shyness of your child the tutor in connection with the same error Whether other children subject to attacks of your child Ask about it the tutor.

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Let's not cry. let's take

Let's not cry. let's take let's not cry.

let's take our small bottle.


It primary education will influence on benka through internal life of mother, while it sedately will not come to understanding of.

Education and we will repeat it again and is a push to freedom, but to freedom .

It is possible to be of use to the child excellent service, to it to face realities, with which it is necessary to be considered that is, that happens protivleniye which cannot be broken and which not assumes exceptions that through the insuperable it is impossible to jump over a wall at one stroke, etc.

Feedings should have the schedule strictly observe it, without allowing any cheniye.

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You should

You shouldBe divided into subgroups on nine people.

In everyoneto subgroup deliver in a row chairs by number of participants.

You should discuss the chosen question.

On it real various answers.

The most radical in everyonecase are categorical yes or no, naprimeasures all girls without an exception should pass the soldier I will hold down service or, on the contrary, any girl at anyconditions it should not be called on military service.

Those fromyou, whose position is so unequivocal and categorical, shouldto occupy extreme chairs on either side of the row, thus onethe end means unequivocal yes, another unequivocal no.

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We will

We willIvan Let everyone will solve, whether to take it on potrebno or there is so much, how many he wants.

Teacher But then he will break the balance law.

Ivan In what this violation That it will have mno moneyTeacher Then all will start to compete the friend with the friend who has more than money.

Ivan No, excites nobody, how many is at another.

Teacher You think, it excites nobody Well.

We will find out it soon in our following beset.

Only remember that you told.

It is possible, so it also is.

And can be, we will find something .

Discussions and introspectionin groupand.

Ulyanov It was discussion with children of a subject of money.

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When you will

When you will occupations are given you hard and aim the child at future achievements.

Next time.

when you will have a rest, results will be much better.

That the child had results of occupations on a look, get the schedule of achievements where color will designate results of occupations of every day.

The ego will stimulate it to achievement of new results.

Do not forget to hang up the schedule on a foreground.

Observe a principle from simple to the difficult The exercises presented in the book have different levels of complexity.

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