When we went

When we went By then his father died, and Anchu, the leader of the village and close friend Venito, assumed a role of the father and Vididi a behavior example set.

The boy was still far from happy norm .

On his face the tension shadow lay, it moved unnaturally, reminding me children in civilized countries.

When we went to a runway, Anchu took with itself Vididi.

Other men too took with themselves small sons to show them the plane.

Vididi already became the good oarsman and as the most hard work gets to the one who sits closer to a boat nose, and the easiest to the one who aft, it often rowed at a stern while the leader worked in front.

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He does not notice

He does not noticeIt is difficult to child to connect the actions with its reaction.

He does not notice that the cup with tea fell, he cannot understand that bad in a hvataniye for a necklace and why after that mother so is angry; it absolutely does not know that it any thing; he only vaguely understands that, having dumped a plate with porridge on purpose to cause interest to the person, it really draws attention, but not what would would be desirable for it.

But nevertheless the kid feels, what even such attention is better, than anything therefore continues to dump on a floor ware with the food.

Then mother begins to feed him from a spoon, and it waves hands and squeals, trying to turn feeding into something more useful from the point of view of receiving experience.

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In this case

In this case In this case timid and not so children it is necessary for parents to give due consideration to the following aspects of education Children at any age should communicate and be on friendly terms with representatives of both floors and study rules of communication with representatives of the and opposite sex.

In the course of supervision and personal experience children should learn to initiate and develop correctly the relations with an opposite sex.

Researches say that skillful people in communication possess ability precisely to define the necessary time for development of the relations and rapprochement.

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What means

What means Let's say who that offends me, belittling my role in any good business.

What means to put it into place On to it, what it is less than me No, to make differently while that I am more! It will advance me to big dostito zheniye.

It is motive force without which there is no person.

That is in the person above animal requirements, except envy, stra to pleasures and honorand.

And what to do, if in group of teenagers vsyache ability to humiliate and deride is supported and approved the opponent in reply to an insult Such actions are considered accepted, the group expects them from the person.

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And as Jannie

And as Jannie Certainly, there is a danger that Bettie will answer negatively No, I am not on friendly terms with you!, but it is improbable too such act would be aggressive and hostile.

Moreover, the direct address to Bettie grants it the right to make the individual decision on friendship with Debbie without preliminary consultation of Jannie.

And as Jannie already rejected Debbie's attempt to enter game, Debbie would not be desirable at all that that participated in decisionmaking process.

Eventually Debbie accepts the model of behavior offered it and convinces of it others, describing how she cooks coffee.

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Similar When victims of accidents suddenly see inevitability of the death for which the continuum could not prepare them beforehand, they desperately appeal to the mother or to the one who takes a place of mother in their feelings.

This call often reaches mother or the person personifying mother, through any distances.

Similar cases occur rather often, and the majority of us heard about them or met them on the experience.

The presentiment arises differently the unknown event menacing with awful consequences, can break through in consciousness of absolutely quiet person, in a dream or in reality.

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