According Since the quantity of incomplete families in the world increases by one million annually.

And in % of the child bring up mothers.

According to the sociological estimates, about % of children born today in our country, at least spend one year of the life only with one of parents.

The majority of incomplete families result from divorce, and in the last some decades there was a tendency which is that children in the dissolved families remain with mothers.

Recently National association of directors of elementary schools carried out research of pupils of the elementary school which is bringing up in incomplete families.

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To knowledge, skills

To knowledge, skills View of new principles of teaching and educational technology.

And also understanding of activity of the pupil as selfimprovement of the talent.

So, according to this concept of formation of knowledge, skills lose last worthiness and cease to be the leading purpose of educational system.

But they are not rejected.

To knowledge, skills their initial sense comes back.

To understand, whether they are in the valid human life tools thanks to which the plan of the person is realized; products of teaching and educational actions memories; participation in a narrow circle of actions which are carried out without consciousness participation, automatically and provides with them only stimulojet communications with subjects of actions with performin instead of creative work of the person.

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And they, as we know

And they, as we know The Odnobokost and dogmatism instruments of its activity.

And they, as we know are authoritative, so, do not know laughter.

On laughter external expression of positive feelings a taboo.

All children have a hypersensibility to quality of the relations in communication.

They rather precisely define a mental condition of other person.

Especially teachers because constantly with it work.

In intonation of a voice, insistence, pedantry of logic style of communication feel anonymous threat.

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Often it is enough

Often it is enoughThen it is possible to see boys with stvenny manners, extraordinary ny in relation to mother and giving to it weight attention, and all this to the detriment of that evolution, paradise it should be made.

Often it is enough to explain to mothers the reason similar emotional conflicts, that them to true parent feelin which should look for the benefits of the children and anything else.

Many mothers, under the pretext of strengthened the Tonian Period of children during the delicate period sexual niya, literally fill up them in weight of councils, , censures, which, finally, Doctor Artus, Decree.

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