It is necessary

It is necessary But without the such we have no person who is in the circle of teenagers over them any power.

The power can be still that we let's organize places where they gather.

But it should be clubs in their style, instead of simply one more school.

It is necessary to give them that they want, and gradually to form of them sil Tutor of teenage group ny team, the internal conflicts in which will be a post is foamy to smooth out, and to form at this group pravilny vital reference points.


So, we received a practical advice vos the adolescent by the way of it, having literally fallen by it level.

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If I realized

If I realizedLETTER TO THE GODSONEhrlichPurposesIn this fascinating exercise to teenagers predostav possibility to reflect on the main zhiznenny principles.

We not so often formulate them evenfor itself and as a result our movement on life is concludedin very narrow framework of extramental thoughts, feelings and namereniye.

If I realized them, I could wonder, notwhether it is necessary to me to change the view of overcoming it is vital ny difficulties and then, probably, I would be ready otka from outofdate principles.

Possibility to familiarize with positions various uchastnik also should promote development ownvital philosophy.

Age of participants beginning from years.

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