But what they

But what they And speech means are strong.

But what they bear in themselves as a hobby the pupil Verbal display of reality, life, instead of reality.

Instead in speech and words names of subjects, processes, phenomena etc.

; scientific concepts of all this.

As it is accepted to speak presently sign systems.

And to the pupil all this is necessary for rememberin without concerning hands of from what this reflection.

To remember a copy, instead of reality.

Where here thinking Till our time it was not the training purpose.

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THE FACTORS Many students admitted that became more timid in connection with receipt in prestigious educational institution.

THE FACTORS CAUSING SHYNESSAs we found out, there is a set of the factors causing emergence of shyness, in the same way exists and many certain situations causing shyness as reaction to this concrete situation.

Categories of people and types of the situations, capable to cause similar reaction below are listedPeople causing shyness of other people strangers; authoritative persons owing to the knowledge; representatives of an opposite sex; authoritative persons owing to the situation; relatives and foreigners; people of advanced age for youth; friends; children for people of advanced age; parents; brothers and sisters most rare.

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