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Why Because

Why Because development comprises harmony of a condition of the mechanism which arises; perfect harmony which was created by the adolescent, having overcome the next boundary; harmony which started to collapse, but the germ of more perfect mechanism already comprises.It is a spiral of development which is untwisted according to the nature law.Means, the originality of activity of the pupil at the age of the revolutionary consists in providing free development of soul, to avoid pressure of cruel social idols subjects of influences which demand unconditional and blind worship; exhaustion and overfatigue by academic loads; disputed ways of communication as it is convenient to adults that leads to taming of thinking of feelings and imagination to level of dullness of common sense.

Such social

The Chinese children are always ready to show the way to you, to conduct tour on the school, to sing the son to read the poem even for absolutely stranger.Such social activity is partially caused by installation which teachers and parents impart to children since small years and which consists in the following everything that they know and are able is not a measure of their value, and is means, with the help © they can make other people happier, and also glorify the nation.And now compare this principle to installation of rather public representations which got accustomed in our culture, and then you will understand, why fear to address to public is the most widespread phobia in America.

But it is convinced

His mother one of those women that after long thoughts decided to nurse the child.She loves it with all unknown earlier tenderness.At first to it happens hard to put the child after feeding back in a bed, and especially because he so desperately shouts.But it is convinced that it is necessary to do it, as her mother explained and she knows that if to give in to the child now, then he will grow spoiled and spoiled.She wants to do everything correctly; the feeling comes to any instant to it that this small being on hands is more important and most expensive to it on light.

Game is a work

For the last it is leisure, entertainment; for the child this most serious business on light it is possible even to tell, the main occupation.Therefore it is very important, that parents, showing interest to games of children, would try not to break them the untimely interventions.The child so seriously perceives game that willingly identifies itself with everything that imagines.Game is a work of children, and toys their workers tools.The child is amused not so much most morerushka, how many dreaming with this toy.In tyrekhletiy age slightly ground piece roar amuses much more difficult and expensive toy.


Delightfully it is most easier to gasp.But it is dangerous.Training we see to what it leads is important at all.It is important to prepare gradually small talent for independence, to develop ability to go against the stream.On it the Personality is under construction.Unfortunately, training at our schools is under construction on storing.That is on mechanisms not talent development, and quantitative growth knowledge, abilities, skills.And it everything becomes the maintenance of granaries of memory.

The parents, aspiring

In the world there is a lot of fine, in affairs human A.Berge.Decree.., p.Alain, the quote at Berge, in Education fam iliale, p.Bozhiikh, that would be the real misfortune not to use it, as a springboard to come to Tom Who is the highest source of pleasure.The parents, aspiring to give to children the present education, should make efforts for novleniye in a family joyful and serene fer the bad mood brings to and to fear before life.It is not necessary to give to children too gloomy stavleniye about to itself.Doing an emphasis on a distance, separating them from perfection, you thereby only complicate an obstacle.

Quarrel between

It can only to lead to emergence of jealousy and mirimy hostility between the child and standard.That forgave, passed do not remember on old oversights.Return to them that you did not forget and always store in memory whichnibud humiliating case, ready to divulge it.It is a certain way forever the child, having complicated it any effort, pravlenny on own correction.Quarrel between brothers and sisters usually drives to vigorous intervention of parents.As a rule, in some minutes one of children is given or because it is weaker, or therefore, that it is more reasonable than another.

They climbed

How many women and children bathed together, everything steadily passed with the Roman grace.In each movement sensual pleasure appeared, and mothers addressed with the children as with truly magic creations and hid the pride and content behind playful and modest expression of persons.They climbed down a mountain the same sure and graceful gait, and to a stream on slippery stones the Miss World leaving on a podium towards could envy their last steps; to the deserved crown.All women and girls which I knew, differed special quiet grace, but at the same time in each of them this selfconfidence and grace were shown very individually.

But for this

In such situation there is a recovered dialogue and even the soft discussion which contents is limited to possibilities of memory of the arguing; it also outlines a circle of the content of dialogue.It is enough them to face a task the unknown and it always demands thinkin between them there is a tension, discomfort everyone needs to think, reflect, think.But for this work at the adolescent esthete does not suffice .It cannot and be compensated.But where it to findWhat in everyone occursThey are protected from discomfort.

Adults and teachers

In game the child does not feel harmony.Why Because game a condition of harmony of his body and soul.And when its internal harmony faces monotonous work, at once misses the ion quickly is tired.Certainly, it it is possible to force to work.Adults and teachers also are engaged in it.However that from this it turns out, you already know.Whether it means, what in work there is no harmony In any way not.Any work is sated with harmony and thus becomes a power source if her plan, its interest are the highest sense of the person.

Time which they

Time which they will see off together, having a good time, listening to each other, studying each other, being started up in joint adventures, ties hearts of parents and sons.Balancing between severity of shown requirements and communication creation between parents and the child begins with the birth of the boy.The father who plans to deal with family problems when the boy becomes a teenager and with it difficulties will begin, itself drives into a corner such father almost will have no influence on the son.If to start to establish laws for the boy at this age, he can simply leave from the house.

That new it is possible

If you think that problem of harmonious education of teenagers in modern conditions practically it is unsoluble, will be near from truth.But! Surprising scientific conclusions and the practical results showing a unique approach to education youth, will force you to change the opinion.That new it is possible to tell on the subject of education investigated by thousands outstanding teachers Authors consider the work with teenagers years as practical realization of a technique of integrated education – techniques, necessary for all mankind in present period global crises and changes.Discussed receptions – a step to creation of society of the future based on interaction of all his members as whole.

First exercise

The person puts any small subjects coins, paper clips, matches etc.in one pocket and each time when he speaks good about itselfhimself, shifts in one subject in other pocket.First exercise will move ahead not so successfully.Then, each time when there will be any negative thought, it should speak to itselfStop! Was silly to count on that.Stop!, That at me today for a hairdress.Stop!, Again I spoiled everything! Eternally I.Stop!.Then it is necessary to learn to send the thoughts to more constructive course instead of indulging in depressive moods, to try to analyse a situation and to decide that it is necessary to make in a different way next time to avoid new failure.

His life

Here Do not go!From congratulatory speech to graduates During ancient times the young man aged between eighteen and carried out twenty nine years a role of the main producer in the tribe, it knew when to stop the responsibility before a tribe, women, children and neighbors, accurately realized the place in the world.His life was under construction on a regularity and stability of well familiar and invariable world.At this age, having already passed initiation, he felt the full and highgrade man.For the graduate of our days all absolutely in a different way.It only begins the way becoming the man.The got education gives the chance to it to comprehend ideas and representations, but it has not enough experience of the real life, emotional, spiritual and practical.

M We already

For children at this age it is extremely important pravilbut to look in the opinion of others both in clothes, and in behavior.m We already said that only with the help izuthrough game and theater it is possible to show cheniye of psychology of the person, as far as people play these or those roles, copy stereoti the behavior, taken from environment and as it is silly, primitively also does not express identity of the person.and.It is necessary to show itm It is necessary to form gradually at teenagers correct relation the person keeps the individualnost in that expresses itself naturally and simply, instead of in that looks, as all.

On their faces

But I knew that it is right.We hardly squeezed back into the car, and I told Boys, we go further to Los Angeles, but you will stay with the aunt and the uncle while we with the father will take a walk on the Disneyland.On their faces there was an amazement and mistrust.I did not believe to myself that could tell such, but we and made.Two days in the Disneyland for us with the husband, and two days at relatives for boys.It was one of the heaviest experiences in my life.But more at us never was any serious problems with sons.

We should create

Bettie's method to listen to a positive spirit is based that as light, the good soil, sufficient moisture and protection against insects are necessary for growth and plant flowerin and the attention creates such conditions at which the soul of the boy blossoms magnificent color and finds ability of a message it by the way of a muzhaniye.We should create conditions in which natural talents of our boys can find to themselves mature expression.The majority of us will agree that the good education, public work, free time and the thoughtover possibilities of development, for example team on swimmin group of boy scouts, youth religious group, work for the summer is necessary for boys.

In the psychology

In a word, concept, a symbol of the psychologist only the semantic party of the message interests, and number of information, its transformations remain outside of studying.In the psychology foreground these elements of language are considered as set of instruments of activity of the person.The activity directed on, on reproductive and creative processes.The science psychology too uses words, concepts and symbols they its conceptual device.Studying psychology, the person learns itself to overcome itself, to bring up to a maximum the abilities and talent possibilities to effective action, to level of the creator and to execute the natural mission of the creator.

The interested

Children often use gestures, a mimicry, intonations, that to let to us know that they feel.And in the same way they learn about our feelings.The interested conversation with the child on subjects available to it, smile and charm, mimicry and gesture, pooshchthe reniye all this increases his selfimage, develops is sure nost in itself.JOINT ACTIVITY WITH THE CHILD By means of joint activity parents can help to children to feel comfortable.Here some kinds of activity with which often love to be engaged children by means of adults to talk, listen and sing; to draw; to play; to collect and sort things, etc.Together with the child it is possible to make, for example, a box for treasures.

However be not under

Teenagers usually perceive parents as representatives of the last century, which concepts have no that occurs in the world, and hardly can tell though something efficient.Sometimes they after all condescend to us they bring home all the problems, want to talk, sometimes even ask council and even talk to you as with quite responsible person.However be not under a delusion the next day in connection with the next splash in hormones in an organism you again will put into place.After all even timid teenagers do not take out, when their parents are a little forgotten.

In what follows

and.In ordinary life of the girl face with diverse forms of behavior.In what follows them to play To what they should aspire, on what chelovecheI will hold down requirement to respondm They should be able to come into contact with lyud and to communicate with them so that them correctly perceived also understood.With any person – from the last prestupniand to the finished righteous person – it is necessary to behave dostoybut, combining selfesteem with the kind relation to another.

He should

The teenager should learn to consult about all possible difficulties to be reconciled with the numerouscontradictions of own situation, selfcritically a sou and to estimate itself, to refuse indulgence, proyavlyaemy in relation to children.He should develop in itselfhimself readiness to mature a step forat a slow pace and to become more and more selfassured, realizingand estimating the personal potential.It should lay down longterm aims in personal andprofessional life and firmly to go to them.In the actions he should learn the management own opinion and own responsible.With need to solve these problems in bigger or mennecks of degree it is necessary to face to all teenagers, and horo if we, adults, can help them with it.

Martie's all the free

It appeared fair and for Martie which now eleven and which already has no original rush to operate, characteristic for Volumes Soyerov.Martie's all the free time carries out at the TV, chewing salty nutlets.But it not always was such.Martie's parents work, and when he was eight years old, Martie met them from work, welcoming new model of the car, which needs to be constructed, or new game to play.Unfortunately, usually parents were such tired that could not give Martie enough time, and more often in the evenings simply watched TV.Mother Martie remembers, how once he made model of the airplane and showed to the th her father watching during that moment the film.

, whose duty

Parents have no right to leave similar taniye on will of a case children need, that them with love educated, directed, those helped., whose duty clearly and sincerely to answer all their questions.It is impossible to evade from the duty on that scientific research institute that it difficult and delicate.BOYo disclosurezhestvenny plan of love at all will not reduce respect, trust and love to the father and mother; more that, it will wake up feeling of greatness in souls of children and advantages of marriage will be strengthened also by tenderness and telnost in relation to those whom they, after God, are obliged by the existence and life.

Offer rebenka

For this purpose it will be necessary for you some boxes the average size the ideal size a shoe box, an adhesive tape for connection of boxes side by side, felttip pen or handle, to write the name of collected things, for example stones, cones or beautiful subjects.Offer rebenka in this box to collect treasures, kotory he chose or found.Ask, where it found them in to garden, behind a shed, on walk in park etc.Collecting by means of own boxes for treasures will help the child to estimate an own collection; to have the property belonging only to it, instead of with vmestny with brothers and sisters; to understand that such a souvenir for memory; to find words, to tell about the find or someone subject.

It is necessary

But without the such we have no person who is in the circle of teenagers over them any power.The power can be still that we let's organize places where they gather.But it should be clubs in their style, instead of simply one more school.It is necessary to give them that they want, and gradually to form of them sil Tutor of teenage group ny team, the internal conflicts in which will be a post is foamy to smooth out, and to form at this group pravilny vital reference points.and.So, we received a practical advice vos the adolescent by the way of it, having literally fallen by it level.

If I realized

LETTER TO THE GODSONEhrlichPurposesIn this fascinating exercise to teenagers predostav possibility to reflect on the main zhiznenny principles.We not so often formulate them evenfor itself and as a result our movement on life is concludedin very narrow framework of extramental thoughts, feelings and namereniye.If I realized them, I could wonder, notwhether it is necessary to me to change the view of overcoming it is vital ny difficulties and then, probably, I would be ready otka from outofdate principles.Possibility to familiarize with positions various uchastnik also should promote development ownvital philosophy.Age of participants beginning from years.

While at the kid is sufficient

But here in any day the kid opens realizes these surprising falls of information truth and errors, the good and evil, harmony and chaos.At first notices its accruing pressure falling on it by weight, and then starts it to be careful.While at the kid is sufficient , within norm, it is still capable to maintain weight of falls.But when the yesterday's fatigue an illness, a hypodynamia, negative emotions has an effect on study which burn out operative , it looks for a place where there is less than pressure.The child understood better comfort, than overcoming of information loadings.Natural retreat to the periphery of information stream so begins.

But what they

And speech means are strong.But what they bear in themselves as a hobby the pupil Verbal display of reality, life, instead of reality.Instead in speech and words names of subjects, processes, phenomena etc.; scientific concepts of all this.As it is accepted to speak presently sign systems.And to the pupil all this is necessary for rememberin without concerning hands of from what this reflection.To remember a copy, instead of reality.Where here thinking Till our time it was not the training purpose.


Many students admitted that became more timid in connection with receipt in prestigious educational institution.THE FACTORS CAUSING SHYNESSAs we found out, there is a set of the factors causing emergence of shyness, in the same way exists and many certain situations causing shyness as reaction to this concrete situation.Categories of people and types of the situations, capable to cause similar reaction below are listedPeople causing shyness of other people strangers; authoritative persons owing to the knowledge; representatives of an opposite sex; authoritative persons owing to the situation; relatives and foreigners; people of advanced age for youth; friends; children for people of advanced age; parents; brothers and sisters most rare.

If you consider, what

If you consider, what not to explain them the reasons of this or that or events, to you it will be easier than the order to appeal to their trust to you, to their love to to you.However do not disguise truth or, on the extreme to measure, in general speak nothing you not to itself what confusion and what crisis can arise in these young souls ah that day, when they will find out that you abused them testvenny One of ways to gain trust of the child is always to perceive it seriously.He does not understand irony and it contempt and a sneer will deeply wound, though it also does not show it.Quite naturally that the child sees everything with forcedly limited point of view.

And. But this

The feeling

All proofs of hostility of mother, any logic justifications, its rejection and protests against her actions cannot release the child from internal belief that mother after all loves it, is obliged to love, despite of everything.Hatred to mother or to her image just also shows defeat in war with this belief.The feeling of independence of the child and his emotional maturing originate in manysided experience manual period.The child can become independent of mother, having only passed a stage of absolute dependence on it.From it at this stage the correct behavior, granting to the child of experience manual period that is carrying on hands and ensuring transition to other stages is required.


So, we begin from a point.The first line two sections to the right.Now on one section up.Two cages to the right.One down.Two to the right.Further till the end of a leaf lay a route independently, following the set scheme.Following three routes not so training and presents.For them you on; you learn an assessment.I mania! We begin from a point.One cage to the right.down.One to the right.Two up.One ' One down.' to the right.One up.One to the right.

Formal logic. Otherwise

Table of achievementsYes

Very much yours but.that the child understood difficulties happen at all, but.possessing belief and desire, the person to consult with them.The child should see the achievements.We advise to you to place in a visible place in a room or an uyulka of the child The table of achievements.Table of achievementsYes hectareSpeed of readingQuantity of mistakes Note in it after each occupation results which were reached by the child.It is important to kid to understand that it makes progress.It is possible to think up a symbolical award a selfmade medal or the diploma for achievement of a certain level of equipment of reading.

To a thicket

Increase of a standard of living usually does not involve growth of wellbeing or quality of life.However, it does not belong to the poorest sectors of society where hunger and cold still are present as the factors conducting to loss of wellbeing.To a thicket of the reason of misfortune are less obvious.Perhaps, the most frequent reason of loss of wellbeing and emergence of unpleasant feelings is emergence of doubts in the ability to cope with vital problems.Deeply taken roots feeling of a shortcoming something important, doing reality correct, undermines an internal basis of the person, and that falls a victim of concern concerning falsities of an everyday life easier.

The following

The following questions will help you to understand, whether you do everything correctly to prevent in your child emergence or shyness development Whether you do everythin in order that the child felt surely, independently, but at the same time felt the responsibility Whether you feed unrealistic expectations concerning the child Whether you force the child to put on perfectly from his contemporaries Whether you encourage shyness, believin what the best child the quiet and imperceptible child Whether encourages shyness of your child the tutor in connection with the same error Whether other children subject to attacks of your child Ask about it the tutor.

Let's not cry. let's take

You should

Be divided into subgroups on nine people.In everyoneto subgroup deliver in a row chairs by number of participants.You should discuss the chosen question.On it real various answers.The most radical in everyonecase are categorical yes or no, naprimeasures all girls without an exception should pass the soldier I will hold down service or, on the contrary, any girl at anyconditions it should not be called on military service.Those fromyou, whose position is so unequivocal and categorical, shouldto occupy extreme chairs on either side of the row, thus onethe end means unequivocal yes, another unequivocal no.

We will

Ivan Let everyone will solve, whether to take it on potrebno or there is so much, how many he wants.Teacher But then he will break the balance law.Ivan In what this violation That it will have mno moneyTeacher Then all will start to compete the friend with the friend who has more than money.Ivan No, excites nobody, how many is at another.Teacher You think, it excites nobody Well.We will find out it soon in our following beset.Only remember that you told.It is possible, so it also is.And can be, we will find something .Discussions and introspectionin groupand.Ulyanov It was discussion with children of a subject of money.

When you will

occupations are given you hard and aim the child at future achievements.Next time.when you will have a rest, results will be much better.That the child had results of occupations on a look, get the schedule of achievements where color will designate results of occupations of every day.The ego will stimulate it to achievement of new results.Do not forget to hang up the schedule on a foreground.Observe a principle from simple to the difficult The exercises presented in the book have different levels of complexity.

When we went

By then his father died, and Anchu, the leader of the village and close friend Venito, assumed a role of the father and Vididi a behavior example set.The boy was still far from happy norm .On his face the tension shadow lay, it moved unnaturally, reminding me children in civilized countries.When we went to a runway, Anchu took with itself Vididi.Other men too took with themselves small sons to show them the plane.Vididi already became the good oarsman and as the most hard work gets to the one who sits closer to a boat nose, and the easiest to the one who aft, it often rowed at a stern while the leader worked in front.

He does not notice

It is difficult to child to connect the actions with its reaction.He does not notice that the cup with tea fell, he cannot understand that bad in a hvataniye for a necklace and why after that mother so is angry; it absolutely does not know that it any thing; he only vaguely understands that, having dumped a plate with porridge on purpose to cause interest to the person, it really draws attention, but not what would would be desirable for it.But nevertheless the kid feels, what even such attention is better, than anything therefore continues to dump on a floor ware with the food.Then mother begins to feed him from a spoon, and it waves hands and squeals, trying to turn feeding into something more useful from the point of view of receiving experience.

In this case

In this case timid and not so children it is necessary for parents to give due consideration to the following aspects of education Children at any age should communicate and be on friendly terms with representatives of both floors and study rules of communication with representatives of the and opposite sex.In the course of supervision and personal experience children should learn to initiate and develop correctly the relations with an opposite sex.Researches say that skillful people in communication possess ability precisely to define the necessary time for development of the relations and rapprochement.

What means

Let's say who that offends me, belittling my role in any good business.What means to put it into place On to it, what it is less than me No, to make differently while that I am more! It will advance me to big dostito zheniye.It is motive force without which there is no person.That is in the person above animal requirements, except envy, stra to pleasures and honorand.And what to do, if in group of teenagers vsyache ability to humiliate and deride is supported and approved the opponent in reply to an insult Such actions are considered accepted, the group expects them from the person.

And as Jannie

Certainly, there is a danger that Bettie will answer negatively No, I am not on friendly terms with you!, but it is improbable too such act would be aggressive and hostile.Moreover, the direct address to Bettie grants it the right to make the individual decision on friendship with Debbie without preliminary consultation of Jannie.And as Jannie already rejected Debbie's attempt to enter game, Debbie would not be desirable at all that that participated in decisionmaking process.Eventually Debbie accepts the model of behavior offered it and convinces of it others, describing how she cooks coffee.


When victims of accidents suddenly see inevitability of the death for which the continuum could not prepare them beforehand, they desperately appeal to the mother or to the one who takes a place of mother in their feelings.This call often reaches mother or the person personifying mother, through any distances.Similar cases occur rather often, and the majority of us heard about them or met them on the experience.The presentiment arises differently the unknown event menacing with awful consequences, can break through in consciousness of absolutely quiet person, in a dream or in reality.


Since the quantity of incomplete families in the world increases by one million annually.And in % of the child bring up mothers.According to the sociological estimates, about % of children born today in our country, at least spend one year of the life only with one of parents.The majority of incomplete families result from divorce, and in the last some decades there was a tendency which is that children in the dissolved families remain with mothers.Recently National association of directors of elementary schools carried out research of pupils of the elementary school which is bringing up in incomplete families.

To knowledge, skills

View of new principles of teaching and educational technology.And also understanding of activity of the pupil as selfimprovement of the talent.So, according to this concept of formation of knowledge, skills lose last worthiness and cease to be the leading purpose of educational system.But they are not rejected.To knowledge, skills their initial sense comes back.To understand, whether they are in the valid human life tools thanks to which the plan of the person is realized; products of teaching and educational actions memories; participation in a narrow circle of actions which are carried out without consciousness participation, automatically and provides with them only stimulojet communications with subjects of actions with performin instead of creative work of the person.

And they, as we know

The Odnobokost and dogmatism instruments of its activity.And they, as we know are authoritative, so, do not know laughter.On laughter external expression of positive feelings a taboo.All children have a hypersensibility to quality of the relations in communication.They rather precisely define a mental condition of other person.Especially teachers because constantly with it work.In intonation of a voice, insistence, pedantry of logic style of communication feel anonymous threat.

Often it is enough

Then it is possible to see boys with stvenny manners, extraordinary ny in relation to mother and giving to it weight attention, and all this to the detriment of that evolution, paradise it should be made.Often it is enough to explain to mothers the reason similar emotional conflicts, that them to true parent feelin which should look for the benefits of the children and anything else.Many mothers, under the pretext of strengthened the Tonian Period of children during the delicate period sexual niya, literally fill up them in weight of councils, , censures, which, finally, Doctor Artus, Decree.


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